At Home Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Market manufacturers produce kits which will help consumers to whiten their teeth at home in simple-to-use procedures.

Making Your Dental Mould. The first step is to create a dental mould of your teeth by biting into the plaster or gel material. After forming your dentition, remove your teeth in order that the materials harden into form.

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Applying Dental Whitening Gel. The next step is to simply brush your teeth in order to prepare your teeth for the whitening stage. The next step requires that you place the whitening gel into your dental mould with sufficient quantity to completely cover your teeth as you then bite down.

Teeth Whitening

The specially formulated whiteners react with any substances clinging to your dental enamel over the 60-minutes that you're biting. You rinse and clean your mouth and teeth making sure not to leave the whitening gel on your teeth or gums. Presto! Your teeth have begun to whiten. Continue the process for several weeks on a regular basis and you'll begin to notice shade changes in your teeth as they return a whitened smile to you.

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