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Locating Cosmetic Dentists In Santa Monica

Getting A Smile Makeover In Santa Monica. You’ve reached the point where it’s time. Your teeth and smile need working on. Just outside LA and near Long Beach, you’ll find a number of talented and experienced Santa Monica cosmetic dentists pleased to review your dental needs… help you create a cosmetic procedure plan based on real-world expectations… and then create your smile makeover.

Santa Monica Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures. Cracked or misshapen teeth fixed…gaps and irregular spacing repaired…teeth whitening to reduce stains created by food, wine, tobacco… reducing tooth yellowing due to aging or disease…administering dental veneers to whiten and cosmetically re-shape your smile… dental implants…jaw line and bite analysis.

Which Santa Monica Cosmetic Dentist To Select. Face it. You want to correct and improve your smile, and appearance. Getting it right, developing the right treatment plan, and then keeping realistic control over costs are critical to your best overall solution. Screen the local Santa Monica cosmetic dentists online…select a top two to three…establish interviews…get treatment plan recommendations…get thorough cost estimates… take-away patient referrals… assess each dentist’s manner and responsiveness.

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Richard Haber DDS 1260  15th St  # 701  Santa Monica  CA 90404   Tel: (310) 393-7766

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