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Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentistry Service Spectrum. Residents or visitors interested in exploring their cosmetic dentistry needs can visit Los Angeles and can undergo the full spectrum of enhancement procedures offered by LA dentists. Your visit can also include the great local attractions… Stars Home Tour or Universal Studios Hollywood… downtown business center… museums and galleries like the J Paul Getty Museum or LACMA art and sculpture museum … beaches like Venice “muscle beach” or Santa Monica and Long Beach.

LA Dental Procedures. Investigate the many top cosmetic dentists online… make appointments for interviewing and selecting the top professional for your cosmetic dentistry needs while in Los Angeles. Teeth whitening to remove stains and yellowing caused by aging, wines, tobacco… dental and porcelain bonding ..bridge work…crown and molar work… dental implants, and more.

Certified Professionals. Fill-in the gaps in your smile…remove yellowing and staining due to aging and foods with a dental makeover carried out by a certified professional within the Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry field.

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Grace Sun DDS 462 North Doheny Drive
Los Angeles, California 90048 Phone: 310-274-4200

Ronald Rosenblatt DDS 888-517-4187
Rosenblatt Cosmetic Dentistry of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.
We specialize in cosmetic procedures to perfect your smile

Arthur A. Kezian, D.D.S. :: Narine Tashjian, D.D.S.
443 North Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90004 Phone: (323) 467-2777

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