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In order to install the contemporary all porcelain crown ( as opposed to the formerly popular silver amalgam fillings or fused porcelain to metal crowns) the dentist must make a number of preparations. In a prior screening interview, the dentist has reviewed the planned procedure and completed a patient evaluation. The dental surgeon must provide a thorough evaluation in order to qualify the all porcelain crown for a client.

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How do you know if you’re the right sort of candidate for a porcelain crown? The surgeon will observe you closely. Do you fit the criteria of a healthy patient? Are you both emotionally and physically healthy? Are your descriptions of your self-image and concerns realistic and appropriate or are you vaguely delusional and hyper-reactive to any issues that are raised in the consultation? How well will you fare in the post-operative period?

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The dental surgeon carries out a patient profiling during the question and answer session. Persons with an essentially strong and positive sense of self are ideal candidates for cosmetic surgery. They may have a minor physical characteristic which they’d simply like to improve. The procedure, such as a porcelain crown, merely enhances their positive self-image. If a person seeks the procedure in order to influence a change in someone else’s view, then there’s a risk of disappointment.

In addition to much preliminary file information that supported your original consultation first visit with the dentist, your file contains operating theatre and insurance filing information along with a number of digital photos taken prior to the operation showing how you used to look. During your post-operative period, your dentist will commence taking a number of digital photos showing your recovery and healing process so that you have a complete record of your experience. These photos will be taken in the same setting, with the same lighting and with the same orientation in order that you have a constant context in which to monitor the changes created by your procedure. In some cases, the physician may bring in outside professional photographers.

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