Bad Breath Strategy For Treatment And Prevention

Bad breath can make you and others uncomfortable. Bad breath causes include oral bacteria, sinus leaking, foods, dentistry failures, aging, medications, and more. Learn about halitosiscures and treatment options.

Understanding What You Can Do About Bad Breath

Halitosis And Daily Life. Your entire oral cavity… teeth, tongue, taste organs, lining of the mouth, connection with the nasal region, breathing passage to the lungs, food delivery conduit into the stomach… all contribute to a complex and dynamically changing chemistry. When things ‘turn sour’ you and your friends are the first to find out. Result? Bad breath propelling nasty and virulent sulfur-rich bacteria into air departing your mouth.


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Bad Breath Caused By Dry Mouth Syndrome. Many elderly men and women naturally experience a tailing-off of saliva production. Your mouth remains less fluid, which in turn concentrates the bad breath producing bacteria to both multiply and concentrate. Result? Bacteria levels as a percentage of the air you exhale rise exponentially, creating a powerful anti-social discharge. What brings on dry mouth syndrome? Age, diseases such as cancer, diabetes and others…plus medications such as blood pressure meds,

Bad Breath Through Dentistry Failures. You may have experienced it…acrid metallic like taste and shocking bad breath. Possible causes? Dentistry failures, where previous crown or perhaps bridge work or even fillings have failed. Result? You literally experience a slight, but continuous out-pouring of metal molecule into your mouth.

Stuff Causing Worsening Bad Mouth. Short term halitosis definitely associates with strong foods such as onions, garlic and so on. Meanwhile, any foods containing increased sugar content… carbohydrate rich foods… deliver enormous food supplies to the very bacteria which produce bad breath. Alcohol definitely assists the bad bacteria. Acidic tea and coffees not only alter your mouth’s ph balance and chemistry, but these drinks are well known diuretics, which draw needed water out of your body… thus concentrating your saliva and bacteria into a worsening brew.

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