Bad Breath Cure And Guide To Gingivitis

Bad breath cures include diet changes, fluid increases, disease recognition and more. Find out about oral gingivitis and gum disease, oral infections, the limited role of antibiotics and assorted halitosis treatments.

Gingivitis Origins And Contribution To Bad Breath

Better Still: Medical Mouth Washes To Neutralize Bad Breath Bacteria. A class of special-purpose bad breath curing mouth washes can provide varying results. Simple OTC mouthwashes do nothing, giving several minutes of temporary effect, but fail to move chemically against the re-populating halitosis bacteria, which thrive in moist protein-enriched saliva and nasal mucous. When alcohol is present within OTC mouthwashes, the results worsen further, as alcohol actually sets up a feeding of the bacteria causing the damage. The class of sulfur producing bacteria, colonizing in the absence of oxygen, requires targeted chemical solutions which will neutralize the bacteria, by destroying their environment. The addition of zinc can produce longer-lasting halitosis treatment for the day.


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Foods That Cause Mischief And Halitosis. Bad breath treatment strategies cannot ignore food itself. Short term ‘causes’ that you may want to reduce include cheeses and certain dairy foods already containing bacterial loads… garlic and onions… sugars and simple carbohydrates… highly acidic tea and coffee… alcohol. A number of foods can break down into constituent amino acids which are “grabbed” by these bad breath bacteria, causing them to rapidly multiply.

Water, Saliva And Bad Breath Bacteria Concentrations. Aging can reduce salivary gland functioning, leading to less saliva…which allows greater concentrations of bacteria and chronic halitosis to form. A new and growing class of saliva-enhancing products can be taken, throughout the day. Also, sugar free gums stimulate saliva production, which can hydrate your mouth and help you fight bacteria growth.

Gingivitis And Bad Breath. Look out for early sign of gingivitis, where reddening of your gums takes place. No better way to contribute both to halitosis and to potentially serious dental decay than leaving gingivitis symptoms unchecked. You have a bacteria-enriched environment which can rapidly escalate well beyond the social stigma of bad breath into full blown periodontal gum disease.

Antibiotics Miss The Mark. Locally administered antibiotics should be avoided. Overuse of antibiotics sets you up for far more serious future health risks, if your system develops antibodies. Far better to look at solutions of hydrogen peroxide, zinc-enhanced mouth washes and other chemical formulations that are specifically targeted at sulfur compounds… which is the stuff of bad breath bacteria.

Diseases Stimulating Halitosis. Kidney disease, carcinoma, diabetes, liver mal-function, blood chemistry irregularities… menstruation… all can set up conditions favorable to the spread of oral bacteria causing chronic halitosis.

Get Professional Guidance. Body chemistry is complex stuff. Make an appointment with a dentil professional… get checked out… develop a oral hygiene plan … diet modification…and selected use of introduced chemicals recommended by your doctor in order to create a meaningful halitosis remedy.

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