Chronic Bad Breath Cures And Treatment Choices

Chronic bad breath reflects increasing oral bacteria levels and reduced body fluid levels. Find out about halitosis treatment programs combining oral hygiene techniques, diet, and formulations to counter bacteria build ups.

Bad Breath Origins And Treatment Options To Consider

Not Bad: Tooth Brushing And Flossing. Bad breath bacteria smile at the thought that attacks will be based on increased tooth brushing using regular tooth brush formulations. Brushing your teeth may scrape away a few bacteria… and for several minutes make you feel and taste better. Flossing also helps remove lodged and potentially decaying food from between your teeth, thus removing a ‘food source’ to the halitosis forming bacteria. Bottom line? Neither brushing nor flossing alone get to the ‘root cause’ of bad breath, therefore have limited scope in terms of a cure. Excess tooth brushing actually damages your teeth, and will cost you big time in terms of future dentistry bills.


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Much Better: Tongue Scraping To Harvest Smelly Bacteria. For most people looking to stop bad breath, they’ll ‘show’ a fine yellow or whitish film layering their tongue…clinging to their cheek walls…building up in the spaces between teeth… colonizing the gaps and gulley of the tongue’s taste buds especially when taste buds slightly over-sized. Tongue scrapers literally clean away this layer of insulting halitosis bacteria. What causes bad breath bacteria to survive and multiply is their life free of oxygen exposure, which will kill them.

Nasal And Sinus Secretions Causing Chronic Halitosis. Your nose, mouth, ears and throat are inter-connected, thus creating a complex and bacteria-friendly environment for bad breath bacteria to form and survive in the millions. You may not even notice the slight nasal back-of-throat discharge of mucous draining into your mouth due to allergies, colds, flu or other factors. What does this mean in terms of chronic bad breath? Guess what? Oxygen-fearing bad breath bacteria literally jump into this mucous goo, fully protected from damaging oxygen, to now rapidly multiply without restriction. Result? You create a concentrating brew of bacteria which discharge into the air and become explosively and obnoxiously present to you and the people around you.

Professional Guidance A Must. Any so-called bad breath treatment should be conditional upon your undergoing a basic health exam. Oral professionals, orthodontists and dentists should be consulted. What do you look for? Sulfur causing bad breath bacteria can be assayed, counted and generally tracked by a professional. Dry mouth, nasal discharge of bacteria-supporting mucous, tonsilar discharge and other immediate causes can be identified. A deeper health exam may also reveal kidney, liver or other organ mal-function, or even blood disorders.

Costs And Insurance Factors. Dental health insurance may substantially cover the costs of an exam… also potentially cover the cost of dentistry repairs related to metal discharge causing halitosis. However, you’ll likely pay directly for halitosis cure plans.

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