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Most body hair trimmer needs can be easily handled by the designer series of Wahl hair trimmers. Cord and cord free models offer a wide variety of comb attachments for any hair length trimming needs.

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Body Hair Trimmers Lead By The Wahl Designer Team

Just Hair Trimmers Where You Need It – The Wahl Difference. Unwanted body hair is as much about fashion and appearance as it is about hormones and body chemistry. The smooth skin and relatively hair-free looks of youth slowly “morph” into weird-and-wonderful outburst of hair in some body areas…and hair loss in others. Underlying cause? The usual suspects are body hormones, the chemistry of which changes into a variety soup of possibilities.

For women, unexpected and unwanted facial hair, such as above the lip, begins to show…or hair on arms suddenly lengthens or darkens.

Wahl Hair Trimmer

And for men, it’s a future zoo come home to roost…nose hairs suddenly spring out…eyebrows thicken into a bushy tangle…ear hair protrudes…even while hair seems to fall off a man’s head in an ongoing shower of hair loss.

Some Technical Stuff On Wahl Hair Trimmers. Unwanted facial hair…or you need a pubic hair shaver? Wahl has a wide range of solutions for any hair trimmer needs you have. Wahl hair trimmer models include 79300,79524, 8400, 8500, 9540-500 amongst other leading models.

* Handy Comfort. You get a light weight comfortable-in-hand hair trimmer…most Wahl models are cord direct-to-outlet connections…multiple blades or combs so that you can deal with any styling needs or hair lengths, from thin to thick hair.

* Strong Customer And Product Back-Up. All Wahl hair trimmers carry substantial customer support, long warranty periods, spare parts and each unit is made for easy cleaning and maintenance, using special oil lubricants to keep you Wahl performing perfectly.


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