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when you need to remove unwanted leg hair, under arm hair plus the Philips electric shave functions as a bikini shaver.

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Philips Lady Shaver Delivers Long Lasting Smooth Skin Results

When It’s Time To Remove Unwanted Body Hair. A bald head and shoulder hair may suit cartoon character Homer Simpson…but it’s entirely off-center for modern looks-and-fashion oriented women. Coarse stubble and protruding hair is “out…and smooth skin feminine sensuality is “in”.

The Philips Lady Shaver Advantage. Reduce the weekly, or alternate day, drag of skin-irritating razor shaving when you can reach for the always-ready and easy-to-use Philips Lady Shaver HP63500 model. Designed just for you, with a light, small in-hand feel, contoured to roll gently into those uniquely female contours as you target unwanted leg hair. Forget razor burn or the yeooch of a hair-pulling epilator when you can effortlessly create a close shave smooth skin result with your Philips Lady Shaver.

Philips Ladyshave

Philips Lady Shaver Design Details. Convenient small size, almost like holding an old-fashioned razor, the Philips Lady Shaver design is all about convenience…cordless ease-of-use with wet and dry functionality to highlight your smooth skin results…simple 1-shaving head design that pivots to reach difficult hairs…simple plug-in recharging after a full 20 minutes of body hair removal work for you!

Avoiding Razor Burn Razor Bumps And Hair Pulling. Nearly 90% of American women commit to ritualized body hair removal…for light-growth women a session every week or so…for heavy growth women sometimes even daily hair removal in order to maintain the right “look”.

With your electric Philips Lady Shaver, you virtually eliminate the red rash and skin irritation of razor burn and those annoying rough skin razor bumps caused by the harsh skin-scraping operation of old-fashioned razor blades. Equally, the ease and simplicity of use and care for your Philips Lady Shaver is head-and-shoulder above the discomfort and pain of hair-pulling epilators.

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