Women’s Version Panasonic Shaver For Ultra Feminine Smooth Skin

Women’s electric shaver by Panasonic removes unwanted body hair, creating ultra silky smooth skin, operates fast and easily in wet dry use, offering a modern alternative to razor burn rash.

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Feminine Beauty Enhanced With Panasonic Electric Shaver For Woman

Panasonic Goal: Creating Silky Smooth Skin For A Woman. There’s no way around it. Extra body hair…coarse stubble of re-growth may suit the Silverback gorilla male but it’s a cultural turn-off signal for the modern woman.

Nearly 90% of American and westernized women maintain a diligent attitude towards unwanted body hair…regularly checking and removing unwanted leg hair, under arm hair, facial hair, or hairs extending beyond their bikini line. Sex appeal, femininity, attractiveness is all highlighted when a woman puts a smooth skin hair-free leg forward.

Panasonic Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES 220 8AC: The Perfect Women’s Electric Shaver. Removing unwanted body hair is part of your need…but you still want convenience, ease of use, and results that hold. Panasonic delivers on all design fronts. The Panasonic ES 220 8AC is designed to match the soft contours of a woman…with a 2-head rolling or pivot action to gently reach annoying leg or facial or under arm hairs.

Design Features Worth Knowing About. Rechargeable with a cordless operation for ease-of-use, the Panasonic ES 220 8AC gives you over 20 minutes of hair removing performance before you have to plug it back in for a re-charge. Plus, the LED display gives you “low battery” feedback messaging so that your unit stays charged…and you stay smooth skinned!

Avoiding Razor Burn And Razor Bumps. Old fashioned double and triple blade razors may retain some popularity…but what about the post-razor “leave behind” razor burn red rashes on your body…and what about those less-than-smooth razor bumps that result from skin irritation? Using your Panasonic ES 220 8AC and you reduce those skin irritations to a fraction.

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