Oster Hair Trimmer For Removing Unwanted Body Hair

Oster hair trimmer models are specially designed to clean-up or remove unwanted facial hair, pubic hair and can act as a professional hair trimmer for your nose or ear hair removal.

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Shape Up Your Appearance With An Oster Hair Trimmer

Targeting Difficult-To-Reach Unwanted Body Hair. The older you become, and the more your hormonal chemistry changes, the more random and perplexing becomes your hair growth.

After years of benign reflections in her mirror, a woman suddenly sees individual facial hairs sprouting like the “spy who came in from the cold”. Arm hairs can suddenly lengthen and darken.

Hair Trimmer

Meanwhile, men experience weird and aggressive growth in nose, ear and eyebrow hair growth as their testosterone levels fluctuate into the middle age years.

Oster: The Body Hair Trimmer Solution. Small sized, specially contour-shaped to reach delicate ear, nose or other body hair areas, the Oster hair trimmer models 76076-010, 76023-510 or 76059-040 give you a set of detachable blade choices…pick the right blade setting for the amount and location where you want to remove unwanted body hair. Your Oster can also deliver great all-over hair cuts for the boys in your household.

The Oster can also function as a pubic hair shaver so that you can safely, and professionally shape-up your bikini line by removing any spill-over hairs from the side of your bikini bottoms.

The Oster Hair Trimmer Technicals. You get a strong quiet electric motor…a variety of blade choices to match your hair removal needs…connects via cord directly to the wall outlet so there’s never any confusion about “low batteries”.

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