Conair Hair TrimmersFor High Style Layered Cuts And Smooth Skin

Conair hair trimmer models give easy-at-home low cost way to create high style layered woman’s look, or to create a stylish trim or full hair cut for your kids and husband.

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Remove Unwanted Hair And Create Trendy New Styles With Conair Hair Trimmer

Conair Focus: Reducing Unwanted Hair For A Smooth Skin Look. With Conair hair trimmer models such as the 27 piece Conair HC 500 model, you can mix-and-match your style needs and body hair removal wants with a simple plug-in-and-go. You can fashion a slick trend-setting layered look…or give a collar trim and shape-up for your kids or husband.

Other Conair Hair Trimmer Model Options. Alternatively, reach for the all-bases-covered Conair hair trimmer model HCT 426, where you’ll get a performance corded hair trimmer, styling combs, a number of clip-inserts for layering different hair lengths, scissors for in-close fine detailing, and even a soup-to-nuts CD instructional course on how to get the most from your Conair model.

Conair Hair Trimmer

Other reviewer endorsed Conair hair trimmer models include the corded GMT 200 for men, or the unisex HC100RCS that gives solid reliability and performance plus carries a 2-year warranty.

Get Modern And Avoid Hair Pulling Pain And Razor Burn.

By selecting one of the many Conair hair trimmer models, you’re taking a smart step away from the pain and discomfort of hair-yanking epilators. Plus, you avoid the red hash mark of razor burn and razor bumps, when invariably arises when using harsh old fashioned razor blades to remove unwanted body hair.

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