Epilady Hair Removal For The Ultimate In Hair Free Smooth Skin

Epilady is the smooth skin hair free market leader product for women looking for salon-like long lasting results. Epilady hair removal models are state-of-art easy to use hair removal systems.

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Epilady…Taking Hair Out By The Roots For Improved Hair Free Looks

The Epilady Beauty Focus - Get And Maintain Silky Smooth Skin. You and every other woman face it sometime…unwanted body hair suddenly pushes and shoves its way to the skin surface. On your face, arms, bikini line, legs, neck…almost anywhere. Why? Natural body transformations, particularly triggered by hormonal changes in the middle years, trigger new and unexpected growths in body hair.

Epilady Epilator

What to do? Shaving only deflects the smooth skin issue several days before you need a repeat shave. Creams and hair removal waxing systems are harsh…and results can vary, requiring you to re-treat the same areas.

Top Seller - Epilady Discrette Plus 814 Epilator. Women rave over the high tech state of art Epilady Discrette Plus 814 Epilator hair removal unit. Rotating discs powered by a strong electric motor create a tweezer-like high speed hair pulling motion that quickly and relatively painlessly removes unwanted facial hair or leg hair by the roots. And, this means virtually all these annoying hairs…long-fine and short-thick hairs alike.

Consumer Pick – Epilady Legend Epilator Model 810-40. Cord-free ease of use, the Epilady Legend is light and balanced and a popular pick with many women. You get optional 2 speeds so that you can select just the right power level to rapidly and effectively pull-out unnecessary hairs, by their roots. How long do your smooth skin results last? If the hair follicle has been extracted, there won’t be any return hair from that spot. Otherwise, expect your Epilady Legend results to hold for up to 1-month.

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