Your Remington Epilator To Remove Unwanted Body Hair

A Remington epilator gives you silky smooth skin plus long lasting results. With Remington epilator hair removal women avoid razor burn, razor bump and the mess of creams and hair waxing.

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Long Lasting Smooth Skin Results With Your Remington Epilator

Results Last Up To 1 Month. Forget those shavers, razors and messy hair removal creams and hot waxing…your leg hair or bikini line hair simply grows into a nasty stubble in several days…you’ll be back in the bath shaving again-and-again!

Instead, switch to the Remington epilator model that best fits your budget. Designed and shaped to match a woman’s body, the Remington epilator like model EP-1000 sets-up your hairs…long fine hairs or short stout hairs…then each of the hairs in the blade path are gently plucked…”at the roots” rather than being merely shaved at “the surface”.

Remington Epilator

Additional Remington Epilator Models. Don’t forget to shop Remington epilator models such as the Smooth & Silky…giving you expanded versatility that includes epilating, shaving and hair care all in one neat package.

What You Get…And What You Avoid. For most women using their Remington epilator mean up to 1-month of smooth skin relatively hair-free beauty for their legs, arms or bikini line. The Remington epilators are convenient to use, most models plug in for reliable use when you need it, sculpted size fits a woman’s hand plus is shaped to work with a woman’s unique body contours.

So that’s the “good stuff” to recommend a Remington. Epilating means that you generally avoid the razor bumps, red rash and razor burn of shavers and blades. Plus…the powerful astringent hair removal creams are avoided, along with the hot wax and yeoch of literally tearing out your hair in that venerable 2000 year tradition that is sadly out-of-tune with 21 st century tastes.

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