Philips Epilator Gives Women Lasting Silky Smooth Skin Results

Getting hair free smooth skin is easy with a wide range of Philips epilator models including the Satinelle HP6409 and Satin Ice. Small size to fit a woman’s hand, advanced technology design to remove hair.

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Philips Epilator - Enhancing Your Female Body Image And Smooth Skin Appearance

Philips Satinelle HP 6409. Tired of 2-day grow back stubble on your legs, arms or bikini line? Then you need to consider the 5 star rated Philips HP 6409. Anatomically shaped to fit a woman’s hand. With a rounded head, the HP 6409 gently grabs both long thin hairs as well as short thicker hair…and as you move the epilator through a target area, individual hairs are plucked from their roots!

Other Line Choices – Philips Norelco HP 2843 Epilator. The Philips epilator line is all about speedy body hair removal…and smooth skin results that can last up to a month depending on your body hair types.

Philips Epilator

The Philips rotating disc technology is designed to safely latch onto individual hairs, and then pluck them cleanly from the hair follicle depth. You get the Philips 2-year product warranty, cord plug in for every day reliability, and the promise of serious control over miscreant hairs that pop up where you least want them.

Philips Satin Ice Epilator. Innovative and focused entirely on smooth skin results, the Philips Norelco Satin Ice epilator made a big market splash…featuring an ice cartridge to cool and prep your skin before and after epilating…2-speed settings …a removable shaving head for more sensitive body areas where epilating is too uncomfortable. The Satin Ice model may be difficult to buy online due to limited remaining inventories.

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