Braun Epilator Gently Removes Body Hair For Smooth Skin Results

The Braun epilator line creates smooth skin, removing unwanted body hair from areas where waxing and creams just don’t work or cause irritation.

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5 Star Popularity Of Braun Epilator 5270 Epil Silk System

Getting Long Lasting Smooth Skin Results - The Braun Product Solution. Top of the line Braun 5270 epilator remains women’s favorite, when the goal is long lasting smooth skin.

The Braun 5270 gently grabs, and then removes leg hairs, arm hairs, even pubic hairs. What’s the process? Not a conventional shaver, the Braun epilator actually secures your unwanted body hair by the roots, then gently removes each hair. Result? Some minor initial treatment tenderness, followed by up to 4 weeks or more of smooth skin results.

Braun Epilator

The Braun Advantage Over Razors, Tweezers And Hair Waxing Systems. Getting smooth skin results for 4-weeks is only part of the Braun advantage. Razors scrape and irritate, leaving razor burn, nicks and unsightly red rashes along with razor bumps. Tweezers are clumsy, painful and ineffective in treating any significant area where unwanted hair is growing. Waxing, the thousand-year alternative, has always been messy, hot and searing, plus it invariably leaves hairs behind…which requires more waxing.

Your Braun hair removal epilator models eliminate the uncertainty, and discomfort of these old-fashioned hair removal techniques. You plug-in, then gently pluck out hairs…when and where you need to…and smooth skin results stay current for up to 1 month.

Other Braun Epilator Models And Features. Imagine having your skin stimulated to relaxation so as to reduce pain, then having hairs as short as 0.5 millimeters gently plucked! You get this sort of state-of-art hair removal technology in a 2-speed Braun Silk Epil Epilator 2170. This Braun model is direct-to-wall cord plug in, so you never have to worry about batteries running low.

Meanwhile the popular Braun 3370 epilator combines easy-to-use hair removal with a hair trimmer…you have the best of both worlds in terms of reducing unwanted body hair. And, results last for up to 4 weeks of touch-able smooth skin. With the Braun 3370 epilator you get a 2 year warranty, a corded unit, LED display, for dry applications only e.g. not water immersible.

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