Emjoi Beauty And Emjoi Hair Removal Epilators

Emjoi beauty and Emjoi tweeze hair removal designs give long lasting hair removal for women’s legs, under arms, facial hair and bikini line.

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Emjoi Epilator - Controlling Leg, Face And Underarm Hair For Smooth Skin

Emjoi Hair Removal – All Options. Do you want to epilate…pluck hairs by their roots…or do you prefer to shave them at the skin surface? Whatever suits you, Emjoi delivers you choices…such as the Classic Plus which employs high speed disc tweeze action to remove hair…yet the Classic Plus offer a shaver attachment with a foil head which gives you a long hair trimmer as well.

Emjoi Tweeze – Quick, Handy Low Cost. For under $25, the Emjoi Tweeze gives you a precision instrument…you can target individual hairs with complete accuracy…the Tweeze fits neatly in a woman’s hand, and can target leg hair, arm hair, face hair…specially good to refine epilating results, where you can pick up any “stray hair” that got missed.

Emjoi Epilator

Emjoi Optima EJ 306 Electric Shaver For Women. Time constrained? Not quite ready for epilating? Solution? Reach for the Emjoi Optima electric shaver…2 heads to set-up and then cleanly cut long hairs where they grow…plus you’ll get a loofa sponge for massaging your skin.

Emjoi Gently Gold Caress Epilator. How does a skin massage combined with a month and a half of smooth skin sound to you? The upgraded Emjoi Gently Gold Caress Epilator delivers an unique 1-2 punch. Micro weight pummel your skin…a gently massage…followed by the 36 disc sets which stretch your skin and ready it for immediate hair-plucking!

Your Emjoi Gently Gold Caress Epilator can reach-and-remove short or long hairs…on your face, legs, arms, under arms or bikini line…safely, quickly…and you can select a cord or cord-free rechargeable model based on your convenience and pocket book

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