Conair Shaver For Total Body Smooth Skin Results

Conair women’s electric shavers create long lasting smooth skin results, removing unwanted leg hair, facial hair, a pop up bikini shaver adaptor plus total ease-of-use.

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Looking Feminine, Sexy With Smooth Skin By Conair Shaver

Feminizing The Female Body. Face it. Except for your head, long hair and stubble is totally un-cool and unacceptable. However, which woman hasn’t experienced the feeling of drudgery as you battle re-growth of unwanted body hair on your legs, under arm areas, unwanted facial hair, or around your bikini line?

Conair shavers are modern, shaped to fit comfortably in a woman’s hand, easy to use, and the Conair shaver delivers long-lasting smooth skin results on your legs, under arms, wherever.

Conair Electric Shaver

Conair LWD400ES: An Electric Shaver For Woman. Getting silky smooth skin may be what a woman, and her man, seeks. But, removing unwanted leg hair also means avoiding the red rash of razor burn and post-shaving razor bumps is also part of the decision to reach for your Conair shaver.

Design Features To Know About With Conair. Three-head operation plus cord-free ease-of-use makes the Conair LWD400ES the best shaver choice for women. Rechargeable, the Conair shaver gives you prime time 40 minutes of body hair removing before you need to plug it in.

Since you’ll likely use a women’s electric shaver in the shower, you can get even better wet/dry performance with your Conair. No, you shouldn’t fully immerse an electric shaver, but it definitely offers sufficient water resistance for normal use.

Plus, your Conair design allows you to create a pubic hair trimmer, using it as a bikini shaver.

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