Braun Electric Shavers Just For Women For Silky Smooth Skin

Braun shavers for women create silky smooth skin, with ease of operation, reduced nicks and convenience advantage over dulling razors.

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Removing Body Hair With Braun Electric Shavers Made For A Woman

Beautifying Women. Coarse whiskers and manly sweat may “sell” for the modern male…but it flops as a beauty guide for body-conscious modern women. The majority of women and girls seek a feminine enhanced smooth skin appearance. Strategy? Remove unwanted facial hair, under arm hair, leg hair, trim and shape pubic hair.

Braun Ladies’ Electric Shaver Specially Designed. A woman’s contours are subtly different to a man’s. Braun’s stylists and engineers understand this difference and create unique women’s electric shavers, so that you can use them on your legs…under arms…and Braun leads the field as a bikini shaver.

Braun Electric Shaver

The Braun Silk & Soft Body Shave LS5550 is all about enhancing female body image. Easy to hold, rounded to match a woman’s softer lines, the Silk & Soft Body Shave LS5550 rounded head gently stretches your skin…surfacing body hairs for an extra close shave that will last!

Smooth Skin Results Plus Easy To Use And Clean. With the Braun Silk & Soft Body Electric Shaver, you get a controlled hair removal…and you avoid the razor burn and razor bumps of old-fashioned razor blades.

Great ease-of-use advantage of a women’s electric shaver is that it’s re-chargeable in a scant 60 minutes or less, always sharp, seldom nicks or pinches tender skin. The Braun Silk & Soft Body Electric Shaver is guaranteed water resistant for a wet-dry application that truly leaves your skin feeling smooth and looking great.

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