Tresor Perfume By Lancome For An Exotic Women’s Allure

Tresor Perfume is a seductively light women’s fragrance offering from Lancome. Designer Lancome Tresor Perfume brings together amber and musk with apricot, peach, lilac, jasmine into a subtle magical woman’s scent.

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Lancome Tresor Eau de Toilette Spray 1.7 Oz. Since 1990, women have enhanced their casual wear fashion statement by wearing the fresh-and-light Lancome Tresor Eau de Toilette Spray 1.7 Oz. Day time, office, casual evening wear for a special woman’s scent circle.

Women preferring the lighter EDT profile also select larger size Tresor Perfume By Lancome 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray For Women for long lasting cost effectiveness.

Tresor Perfume by Lancome

Body, Skin & Bath Beauty With Tresor Perfume. Get a sensory delight in a woman’s bath with Tresor by Lancome Shower Gel 6.7 oz for the all-over-body semi-Oriental perfume scent. Also, smaller size Tresor Women by Lancome 3.4 oz Shower Gel at more affordable prices. For a woman’s skin rejuvenation and nourishing, turn to Tresor Perfume by Lancome 6.7 oz Perfumed Body Lotion for Women.

Lancome Tresor 2 Pc Gift Set. Fashion and skin rejuvenation receive an uplift from the Lancome Tresor 2 Pc Gift Set… Tresor 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray… Tresor 1.7 oz Body Lotion by Lancome.

Discount Lancome Tresor Perfume. Buying Tresor Perfume By Lancome continues to get more interesting. Internet based perfume specialists regularly offer 12% to 50% or more in discount Lancome Tresor Perfume. How? Due to lower overheads and inventory costs, web sellers can beat the department store guys at their own business…passing Tresor Perfume savings to sophisticated web-savvy comparison shoppers.

The Tresor Perfume By Lancome Scent Highlights

Designer: Tresor Perfume by Lancome

Vital Fragrance Notes: Musk, vanilla and amber in the lower bass note support rose, peach, jasmine, apricot and lilac. Actual scents vary by line.

Ideal Use: Women of all ages, casual day, office and evening wear

Fragrance Scent Strength : Balanced strength, lasting up to 9+ hours

Year & Classification: 1990, as an essentially semi-Oriental flowery fragrance.

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