Fragrance Notes For Popular Perfumes & Colognes

Perfume designers chart the future olfactory course for an exotic perfume by understanding the unique properties of both organic and synthetic odorant sourcessuch as bark, woods, flowers, fruits, citrus.

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Delicate Perfume Oil Extraction – Time & Loving Care.

Flowers like carnation or lily of the valley, violets, roses or apricot and peach blossoms are inherently fragile, delicate easily-destroyed natural odorant sources. What does this mean? To the perfume designer, “process” and blending are key to creating a one-of-a-kind women’s fragrance or men’s cologne. Distillation or heating is avoided for delicate aromatics…instead, delicate odorants like flowers and even certain barks and greens are immersed in solutions for hours, days or even months in order to slowly release the key perfume oils.


Aromatics & What They Can Mean. When developing a fragrance style and fashion statement a woman or man should consider the style of fragrance, have a generalized feel for the core scents…such as whether it’s woods and green dominant…sweet and light with dominant flowers…or an Oriental spicy scent harnessing citrus, mandarin, orange and so on.

Examples. For example, honeysuckle is delicate, sweet and known to stimulate a relaxing mental state. Cedar wood, like sandalwood is subtle, complex relaxing and considering aphrodisiac like. Meanwhile, citrus lemon, orange or related bergamot are refreshing, light and stimulating. Factor in the tens of thousand of source scents plus scent combinations and the world of perfume design becomes a matrix of virtually unlimited design combinations.

Top Fragrance Notes. Your first whiff…first impression of a fragrance is the Top Note. It survives briefly relative to the balance of the scent. Common Top Notes include ginger and citrus family odorants which are sharp, uplifting, fresh.

Middle Heart Fragrance Notes. Between 1 minute to over 1 hour your dominant aroma and scent circle is defined by the Middle Heart Notes…sometimes rose or lavender form the chemical fingerprint of these Middle Notes…combining both with the Top Notes, and initially masking the Bass Notes which can be initially subtly unpleasant unless masked by the early stage dominants, Top and Middle Notes. Jasmine rose and white flowers produce a lasting sweet evocative scent.

Base Fragrance Notes. Complex, lying at the heart of the perfume, and only emerging after an hour or so during the “dry down” phase of scent release, a perfume’s Bass Notes reflect the strong complex character of resins from evergreen, barks such as cinnamon, cedar wood, oak moss, sandal wood, animal musk like civet, vetiver, leather, vanilla bean and so on.

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