Givenchy Lovely Prism Perfume Eau De Toilette Spray For Romance Allure

Givenchy Lovely Prism Perfume creates a sensual romantic allure for women of all ages. Subtle light application of Givenchy Lovely Prism Perfume 1.7 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for a woman’s fashion statement.

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Also see Hot Courture and Organza

Fragrance Tip: On Wearing Givenchy Lovely Prism Perfume For Best Effect. Women of all ages love the unique Givenchy Lovely Prism Perfume fragrance. However, applying perfume to create a scent circle that will last all day means understanding how perfume responds to body and outside temperature changes.

Tip: apply lightly traces of Givenchy Lovely Prism Perfume on your ankles, legs, midriff or wrists, along with the ‘traditional” behind-the-ear…reason? Perfume naturally lifts off or vaporizes due to heat…rising first from your head…and last from your lower body and legs.

Lovely Prism Perfume by Givenchy

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The Givenchy Lovely Prism Perfume Scent Highlights

Designer: Givenchy Lovely Prism by Givenchy

Vital Fragrance Notes: Some Givenchy lines like Organza blend honeysuckle, rosewood, gardenias, poppy, tuberose, nutmeg , amber and sap. Actual scents vary by line.

Ideal Use: Maturewomen all ages, day and evening wear especially

Fragrance Scent Strength : Balanced strength, lasting up to 9+ hours

Year & Classification: 2006, as an essentially flowery fragrance


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