Ciara Perfume By Revlon 2.38 Oz. Cologne Spray For Women

Ciara by Revlon 2.3 oz. Cologne Spray for Women 200% blends subtle romantic scents of jasmine, ylang, rosewood and other essential perfume oils into an unique women’s scent and fashion statement since 1973.

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Ciara Perfume By Revlon Cologne Spray For Women 2.3 Oz. 80%.

Select Ciara Perfume 80% for light fresh romantic fragrance notes combining neroli, raspberry and lemon. Ciara Perfume by Revlon 2.3 oz. Concentrated Cologne 80 Strength Spray For Women was first introduced in 1973 and blends fragrance bass notes of cedar wood and balsam with lighter notes of fruit and lemon.

Ciara Perfume by Revlon

Ciara Femme Fatale By Revlon 1 Oz. Cologne Spray For Women. 1995 introduced cosmopolitan women to Femme Fatale 1 Oz. COL Spray, a complex subtle and sophisticated women’s scent blending muguet, jasmine, rose, cyclamen, and other rare perfume oil extracts. Femme Fatale by Revlon perfume spray bottle offers easy-on light application that locates the scent exactly where a woman wants it.

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The Ciara Perfume Scent Highlights

Designer: Revlon

Vital Fragrance Notes: flowers, musk and vanilla or amber, cedar wood

Ideal Use: Women all ages, casual wear day time

Fragrance Scent Strength : Balanced strength, lasting up to 14+ hours

Year & Classification: 1973, as an essentially flowery fragrance


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