Armani Black Code Perfume And Eau De Toilette For Romantic Men

Armani Black Code Perfume creates a romantic sexy mature scent for the mature woman. Fragrance notes combine oriental, citrus and woods for a long lasting mellow sophisticated impact.

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Popular Sophisticated Armani Black Code Perfume Cologne & Aftershave

Eau De Toilette For Subtle Lasting Results. Men, think of an evening out. Creating a subtle romantic allure by dabbing on just the right amount of Armani Black Code Perfume. Available in 2.5 oz. or 1.7 oz EDT bottles.

Sophisticated Men’s Fragrance Notes That Attract Women. A man’s scent should be focused on the middle and bass “notes”…the scent chemistry that lasts the full 9 + hours following application. Armani Black Code Perfume combines an initial top “ note” of oriental spice…then gives way to a more complex woods and apple, cumin, and lavender scent collage.

Armani Code Perfume by Giorgio Armani Eau de Perfume Spray for Women

Related Armani Black Code Perfume And Fragrance Lines. Since its 2004 launch, Armani Black Code Perfume has worked its way through the Giorgio Armani design house, ending up a central fragrance yielding a new range of Armani products including Armani Black Code Aftershave, Shower Gel, Armani Black Code Cologne in 1.7 oz. bottles, along with Armani Black Code Gift Sets offering EDT plus After shave plus Shower Gel.

The Armani Black Code Perfume Scent Highlights

Designer: Giorgio Armani

Vital Fragrance Notes: lemon, bergamot, cumin, apple, lavender

Ideal Use: Mature, romantic men

Fragrance Scent Strength : Moderate strength, lasting up to 9+ hours

Year & Classification: 2004, as an essentially Oriental spicy fragrance




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