Aramis New West Perfumes And Aramis Colognes For Men

Aramis New West enhances a woman’s beauty and fashion statement. Aramis perfumes and Aramis cologne fragrances create light fresh scent for evening and casual wear.

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Aramis New West Perfume Fragrance Notes For All Day Fresh Feminine Allure

Eau De Toilette Designed For Women . Immediately popular for its subtle blend of water floral and citrus scent notes, Aramis New West launched in 1990 and remained a favorite with women for casual and evening wear. Aramis New West eau de toilette is available online in 3.4 oz. bottles.

Guide To Applying Aramis New West Skin Scent Spray. While Aramis perfume gives you 9+ hours of fragrance, you want to remember that perfumes and colognes “vanish” gradually over the day…commencing from the top of your body. Perfume vapor rises…so you want to apply Aramis New West lightly on wrists or even legs in order to maintain a constant subtle scent circle.

New West by Aramis Skinscent Spray for Her

Other Leading Aramis Perfume & Aramis Colognes. There’s a whole line of men’s fragrances …Aramis Gold, Life, Havana, Tuscany… Aramis skin care products, and Aramis gift sets. On the women’s side, look also at Aramis Always, Aramis Pour Elle or Aramis Skin Scent spray.

The Aramis New West Perfume Scent Highlights

Designer: Aramis

Vital Fragrance Notes: Fresh upbeat, water floral scents, citrus

Ideal Use: Casual evening time for all ages

Fragrance Scent Strength : Moderate strength, lasting up to 9+ hours

Year & Classification: 1990, as an essentially citrus fruity fragrance



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