Anna Sui Perfume Perfect For Younger Women

Anna Sui Perfume and Anna Sui Dolly Girl fragrance create a light, complex flowery woman’s scent, perfect for the younger woman and casual wear. Eau de toilette spray bottle for easy application.

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Anna Sui Perfume For Casual Fashion And Sexy Allure

Anna Sui Perfume – Attractively Priced Eau De Toilette. Two fragrance strength steps below a full-bodied perfume, Anna Sui Dolly Girl is a convenient-to-use affordable eau de toilette that creates an unique woman’s scent, that will last the whole day yet won’t crush your budget. Available since 2003.

Getting The Perfect Anna Sui Perfume Application Strength. Face it. Too much of a fragrance may be overwhelming as well as unfashionable. The secret with long-lasting Anna Sui Perfume is that a young woman can apply “just enough’…especially on her lower body or legs…allowing for the natural wearing-off or vaporizing to occur over the day.

Anna Sui Secret Wish Perfume Eau de Toilette Spray for Women

Remember, perfume scent naturally “lift off” and the floats up…so, the Anna Sui Perfume applied to your ears or neck goes first, so remember to apply a light amount lower down on your body in order to maintain a delicate but constant scent circle.

Other Anna Sui Cosmetic Lines To Remember. Other popular and top selling Anna Sui cosmetic lines include Sui Love, Sui Dreams, Anna Sui Secret Wish, a full range of skin care, along with perfume gift sets.

The Anna Sui Perfume Scent Highlights

Designer: Anna Sui

Vital Fragrance Notes: Jasmine, rose, water lily, bergamot, apricot

Ideal Use: Casual daytime especially for college age young women

Fragrance Scent Strength : Middle strength, lasting up to 16 hours

Year & Classification: 1999, as an essentially flowery fruity fragrance




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