Alchimie Perfume By Rochas For Sophisticated Women

Since its 1998 introduction, Alchimie Perfume has offered women an exotic oriental fragrance, combining scent notes drawn from grapefruit, jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla bean and other delicate scents.

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Applying Alchimie Perfume For Your Unique Scent Circle

Alchimie Perfume To Create A Distinguishing Scent. The scent of a woman is unique, and generates an unique olfactory “footprint” in the area directly around her body. Skin type…whether your skin is dry or shows light natural skin oils…your choice of foods and diet…the role of exercise…age heredity and hormonal chemistry…all factors which contribute complexity to a woman’s scent.

Alchimie Women by Rochas

Creating A Complex Erotic Mysterious & Romantic Scent. Subtly applied, Alchimie Perfume commences a woman’s fashion statement. Alchimie Perfume should be applied in a delicate manner, permitting the perfume to slowly combine with a woman’s natural scent.

Alchimie Perfume and scent naturally rises throughout the day…subtly transforming into a light vapor cloud. How to apply? Perfume vapor rises, so apply Alchimie Perfume lower on your body, allowing it’s gradual dissolution to work with you over the day, rather than merely applying a portion behind your ears or neck, which will more rapidly dissolve, leaving your scent circle unoccupied.

1.7 Ounce Alchimie Perfume By Rochas. For under $30 you can select an Alchimie eau de parfum in a perfume spray dispenser, which will preserve and protect your Alchimie Perfume from deteriorating over time due to inter-mixing with air.

Alchimie Forever. Some of the essential Alchimie Perfume scent works its way into the popular line of Alchimie Forever eye balm, facial cleanser and rejuvenating moisture mask products.

The Alchimie Scent Highlights

Designer: Rochas Perfume

Vital Fragrance Notes: Citrus, sandalwood, jasmine, tonka bean, vanilla

Ideal Use: Casual

Fragrance Scent Strength : Moderate, with expected 6 to 9+ hours

Year & Classification: 1999, as an oriental spicy fragrance scent



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