Cosmetic Surgery Costs And Patient Financing Options.

Where Are The Areas Of ‘Direct’ Cost. You’re looking into cosmetic surgery. You’ve identified some needs… what’s not looking quite right… what you might want ‘improved’. Question is, “how much will it cost?”. The short answer is “it depends” …upon what you need… the complexity of the procedure…the amount of surgery time and so on. So, ‘direct costs’ will include all billable coded items including surgeons time… surgery center rental… costs of anesthesia… costs of any radiology or health screening exams that you undergo… cost of nurses and assistants… cost of recovery room personnel … cost of pain medications and sutures and surgical supplies…costs of post-operative check-up doctor’s visits.

‘Indirect Costs’ To Be Aware Of. You’ll start your beautification process by spending time researching the current available cosmetic surgery procedures that most match your needs. Lots of private time can be absorbed during research. Next, you’ll invest time short-listing surgeon candidates. Interviews to get the right surgeon mean that you’ll want to speak to at least three top local plastic surgeons. Impact? Lots of time to and fro… plus time and out-of-pocket expense paying for consultations with your surgeon candidates. Last, your surgery very likely will take you from work…choice? Take vacation days or a non-paid leave of absence. Bottom line? Real time and real dollar expenses are tied up.

Do A Pre-Surgery Interview And Get Cost Estimates. You want the results…but don’t forget to remain practical, and careful, about all-up costs. Strategy? During your surgeon interview, ask for a conditional estimate of all costs.

Determining Whether Health Insurance Plan Coverage Applies. Insurance coverage or not, that’s the question. Most cosmetic surgery, such as breast augmentation or tumescent liposuction to remove body fat, is considered “elective” or optional surgery…customers driving the decision rather than a doctor medically “prescribing surgery for health reasons”. Result? You need to submit your surgeon’s cost estimate write-up to your health plan, and get their ruling. Expectations? Assume that you’ll be ‘picking up the tab’ for all cosmetic surgery.

Paying Now Versus Patient Financing Plans. Good news for people like you who want beauty enhancements. With many surgeons, the cost of cosmetic surgery can either be paid currently, at the time that service is provided…or you may ask about available credit and patient financing alternatives. There’s no need to be stopped by limited current cash… ask about and see if you qualify for cosmetic surgery financing plans. What you’ll get? Subject to the type of surgery, your credit quality and the surgeon, you may qualify for a 6 month to as much as 36 month installment payment plan.


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