How much does a Breast Reconstruction Cost?

Fees for breast reconstruction surgery vary around the country and by surgeon.
The following will influence the price:

Breast Reconstruction Fees:
Surgeon fee for breast reconstruction is:
$2841 implant alone
$3413 for a tissue expander
$5646 for a back flap procedure
$7088 for a TRAM flap procedure
$9315 for a microsurgical free flap procedure

These fees do not include bills from anesthesiologists, hospitals, or the cost of implants.

Breast Reconstruction Insurance
Most health insurance companies do cover the cost of breast reconstruction after mastectomy. In 1998, the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act was passed, which requires all health insurance providers who cover mastectomy procedure to also cover the costs of breast cancer reconstruction for mastectomy patients. Under this legislation, insurance companies who cover the cost of mastectomy must also cover the costs of the following:
- reconstruction on the post-mastectomy breast
- surgery and reconstruction on the other breast to create symmetry
- breast prostheses
- treatment of complications from mastectomy, including lymphedema (chronic swelling) of the arm

Breast Reconstruction Surgery : How long does the procedure take?
Approximately 2-6 hours.

Breast Reconstruction Recovery
Breast reconstruction can take up to 6 weeks. The sutures are usually removed about 10 days after surgery

It is recommended that anything strenuous for about 3-6 weeks after surgery

After breast reconstruction, recovery of scarring can take up to 2 years to be complete

Breast Reconstruction also known as:
Different breast reconstruction techniques include: Skin Expansion. Flap Reconstruction.

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