How much does a Breast Lift Cost?

Fees for breast lift surgery vary around the country and by surgeon.
The following will influence the price:

  • Surgeon's fee - will vary according to experience and reputation. Note: includes the pre- and post-operative consultations.
  • Facility Fee
  • Cost of surgical instruments
  • Anesthetics
  • Other material costs
  • Sometimes the cost will be lowered if combined with other procedures - such as breast augmentation or breast reduction

Breast Lift Fees:
Total Price: $5,000-$9,000

Surgeons fee: $4,236
Anesthesiologist: $700
Facility fee: $950
Average Total Cost : $5,000 - $6,000

What to watch out for:
Be wary of advertisements for low breast lift prices. Call and confirm that the price includes ALL the items mentioned above.

Breast Lift Insurance
If the breast lift surgery is related to post-cancer breast reconstruction, insurance may cover it. If the breast lift is for cosmetic purposes most insurance will not cover it.

Breast Lift Surgery : How long does the procedure take?
Approximately 1-3 hours.

Breast Lift Recovery
A supportive bra will need to be worn for 2-3 weeks. The sutures are usually removed at the 2-3 weeks mark.

Allow at least one week of breast lift recovery before returning to work. Do not attempt any strenuous activities for about one month.

Breast Lift also known as:

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