When It’s Time For A Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery is your end-of-game strategy for male pattern baldness. Stop hair loss permanently via “harvesting” your own hair follicles to re-grow in balding areas.

A Practical Guide For Hair Transplant

Do You Have The “Right Stuff” As A Candidate. Seems simple. You stop hair loss and the relentless march of male pattern baldness by re-positioning your own hair follicles into the bald areas. Not quite. In order to be a qualifying candidate for hair transplant surgery, you need to be in overall good health…plus of course you need the “donor” hair for “harvesting” purposes. Hair transplant doctors know the technical side of this ‘resource’ issue…they literally examine, and count, the clusters of hair follicles typically from the sides and back of your head, in order to determine whether you have enough healthy hair follicles to safely move forward.

Hair Transplant

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Does Age Present A Factor. Yes and no. As you now realize, male hair loss in particular is directly related to reaching physical maturity… leaving the puberty and high-hormone level phase behind…going into a more-or-less stable physiological state. Stability carries a price. Heredity… disease … overall health create a slowly diminishing production of testosterone. Result? By your mid 20s, or earlier, your hair follicles begin to reduce in size… plus the resting phase of hair growth expands, meaning that you’re getting less ‘bang for the buck’ in terms of ongoing hair growth. Sometimes slowly…or in a rush…hair follicles cease activity… hair falls out…and you’re looking at a hair transplant procedure as the only realistic means to alter your looks.

What’s The Cost For Hair Transplant Surgery. air transplant costs are based on two broad factors… how many hair follicles will be “harvested”… and what market place will you get the procedure, such as Los Angeles versus New York. Costs per hair follicle range from $3 to $10…multiply that by ‘typical’ hair transplant surgery procedures of 1000 hairs and you may well spend $5,500 more or less for that new look.

Patient Financing Plans. It’s great to get that new look now… however, if money is a problem, you might look into, and qualify, for the many patient financing plans now available in the cosmetic surgery field. Ask your hair transplant doctor if he or she offers installment financing plans.

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