Laser Pubic Hair Removal

Laser pubic hair removal creates a safe easy and permanent solution to unwanted pubic hair. Pubic hair follicles are targeted, zapped to reduce or eliminate future hair growth.

Laser Pubic Hair Removal For Permanent Body Image Results

How Permanent Is Laser?

The technologically ‘cool’ thing about laser is its control and targeting capability. So, what’s the target during a laser pubic hair removal treatment? Answer: your pubic hair follicles…not the surface hairs themselves. Why? Disarm and disable the hair follicles and no hair ever grows again. Results become more-or-less permanent.

Laser Pubic Hair Removal

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Laser For Male Pubic Hair Removal Needs. Not just women care about their ‘bikini line’. Many men want to ‘clean up’ their act… and boxer line looks… by trimming and shaping genital hair…or even completely shaving pubic hair off.

What You Feel With Laser Pubic Hair Removal. The only sensation you’ll feel during your laser pubic hair removal session is a slight warming…the sensation feels like it’s just below the skin rather than on the surface. So, what’s going on, technically? Answer: carefully controlled laser light energy is being targeted into the lower sub-dermal tissue region…where your pubic hair follicles lie… your follicles absorb laser energy and get heated only to the point where the underlying growth ‘chemistry’ has been disabled. Your skin ‘cools down’…you’re left with only a hint of redness…and in due course hairs will begin to fall out naturally.

How Many Treatments Necessary To Achieve Long Term Results? Laser pubic hair removal is all about targeting pubic hairs during their normal “growth phase”… which for middle aged women and men may only be 30% to 40% of the time, as compared to younger years. Result? You’ll need several laser treatments spread out over a number of months in order to target all or most of your pubic hairs.

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Laser Pubic Hair Removal Costs. A single laser pubic hair removal treatment may cost in a range of $320 to over $500. Make sure to ask for a detailed ‘overall treatment plan’, to gauge how many treatments you’ll need. Also, remember to ask whether patient financing and installment payment plans are available.

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