Nose Hair Trimmer For Safe Immediate Hair Removal

Men look to the new class of nose hair trimmers to reduce unwanted nose hair. Nose and ear hair becomes a bigger issue in aging men and women, solutions including new generation of nose hair shavers and scissors.

Nose Hair Trimmers For Those “Middle Age Years”

First Step: Electric Solutions For Excess Nose Hair. Face it. A man’s hormonal chemistry continues to evolve…testosterone levels fluctuate as they decline overall…strangely, nose hair ear and eyebrow hair become increasingly stimulated and ‘over-grow’ in a man’s middle years. Solution? Darwin’s evolution is what it is…don’t fight it… reach instead for a custom nose hair trimmer. Electric and cordless, the new generation of nose hair trimmers are small profile…purpose built…able to safely navigate the tight areas within your nostril.

Nose Hair Trimmer

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Alternative Nose Hair Solution In Scissors. An old-fashion but wholly effective alternative is the nose hair trimmer scissor. Best designs? Look for a flat, rounded tip on these 3” to 5” nose hair scissors. Avoid any ‘pointed’ sharp scissor designs as you run a risk of puncturing sensitive nasal tissue lining, which could result in scarring or infection.

The ‘Down Side’ Of Tweezers For Nose Hair Growth. No one can stop you from making a bad choice…but you have safer options than tweezers. Reason why? Here’s the ‘real deal’ on tweezers. Tweezers are great on most surface and ‘external’ over grown hair areas…such as pubic hairs, eyebrows, chest, even ears. But your nose is a different ‘environment’. Mucous membranes, permanently moist, and constantly enriched with incoming bacteria, your nose is a ‘Petri dish’ of potential infections. Tweezers do ‘pull out hair’ nicely… however removing nose hair follicles sets you up for immediate infection and scarring risks. Message? Avoid tweezers in your nose.

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