Getting The Handle On Hair Loss

Stop hair loss strategies include prescription pharmaceuticals and high impact botanicals. Learn about male and female hair loss causes, products that work and potential side effects.

Determining The Causes And How To Stop Hair Loss Safely

Theories About The Causes Of Follicular Hair Loss. Hair loss…whether male pattern baldness… or woman’s hair loss associated with menopause or short term impacts of pregnancy and postpartum hair loss…ultimately comes down to a matter of your body’s chemistry. Hormones, such as testosterone, drive male hair loss and add to the hormonal mix creating a woman’s hair loss. The chemistry is complex, however think of it as a slowly-acting miniaturizing of your hair follicles over time. Result? Less hair… and lower volume hair follicles and related structures are present at the surface… meanwhile surface skin “the baldness” spreads further.

Hair Loss

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Why Young Kids Don’t Experience Hair Loss. At the onset of puberty, and for a period of time up until around age 21, young men and women are enriched with hormonal activity. Only upon reaching physical maturity…when no further growth demands are in play … do young folk finally notice the onset of male pattern baldness. Up to that point, their hair has been “protected” by the surge of hormones. Protection is short-lived. Physical maturity…family heredity factors… diet… disease… pregnancy… stress and a host of factors virtually guarantee some degree of future hair loss.

Is There A Special Hair Loss Hormone. One way or the other, you’ll read about DHT or dihydrotestosterone when you look into hair loss… for men and women. Unless you’re a chemistry major, you’ll need to know that to reduce or stop hair loss, you’ll have to impact and slow-down your body’s production of DHT, especially when enzymes cause it to become active especially in the area of hair follicle structure and growth.

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