Getting The Right Hair Loss Products

Hair loss products are your non-surgical alternative. Find out about safe, effective “nature-made” botanicals as well as prescription pharmaceuticals as treatment strategies to reduce or stop hair loss.

Get The “Scoop” On What Hair Loss Products Actually Do

No “Cure” Offered.

When facing over 4 million years of human evolution, hair loss products are ‘light stuff’ when dealing with male pattern baldness…postpartum hair loss… menopausal hair loss…and disease pathogens creating hair loss. The best you can expect is a “reduction” in the rate of hair loss, rather than a reversal or outright cure. Getting expectations grounded in reality is a necessary first step.

Hair Loss Products

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Look At The Prescription Hair Loss Products. Perhaps an accident of chemistry, or an unexpected side-benefit of research into male prostate enlargement disorder…think of the prostate medication Proscar… however in the 1980s topically administered proprietary products such as Rogaine proved to be effective in turning back pattern hair loss in men. By the 1990s a genuinely derived prostate medication, proprietary Propecia, also proved to be another pharmacological strategy for interrupting the hormonal process associated with male pattern baldness. These OTC prescriptions like the Propecia hair loss product appear to be safe for the broad population… as well as effective.

Consider The Botanicals Hair Loss Product Alternative. Seeking less chemical side-effects… attempting to operate more in harmony with nature… the botanicals hair loss products ‘mimic’ the mainstream prostate medications. Botanical based hair loss products utilize combinations of well-studied plants such as saw palmetto…borage oil… grape seed extract…evening primrose oil to safely interrupt, and reduce, pattern hair loss.

Safety And Waiting For Results. Any topically applied hair loss product needs time… think in terms of 6 months or longer in order to show visible results. Remember, you’re looking to “slow the rate of male pattern baldness or hair loss”, and not re-grow lost hair. Yes, botanical and OTC hair loss products are considered safe, so long as use them as directed… topically…in the right amounts… with the right treatment frequency… avoiding internal use.

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