Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Pale pattern baldness and heredity contribute to a man’s hair loss. Find the best hair loss remedy for your needs. Learn about botanicals and OTC prescription products offering safety and results.

Dealing Smartly With A Man’s Hair Loss

It’s All About “Thicker” Hair. Face it. You can’t control family genetics, nor the overwhelming pattern of man’s hair loss impacting most men, all races included. Get to the “root” of the situation and you’ll see that hair loss remedy products don’t help you to re-grow hair… no, you’re dealing with increasing the health and “thickness” of remaining hair follicles. Male pattern baldness generally means an incrementally progressing state of hair follicle loss or miniaturization. Result? More surface skin “appears”…hair size and quantity ‘goes south’, with an attendant rise in baldness.

Hair Loss Treatment for Men

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Strategy #1: Pharmaceutical Option For A Man’s Hair Loss.

If you’re generally healthy, then look into the growing range of OTC prescription hair loss remedy products such as Rogaine… Propecia… mostly derived from related research into benign prostate enlargement disorder. The good news is that most men respond well… hair loss is contained… remaining hair follicles are preserved, enhanced… with the possibility of thicker hair growth in the future.

Strategy #2: Natural Botanicals For A Man’s Hair Loss. You know all too well that any prescription med hair loss remedy that includes side-effects including reduced sex drive… messy tonics… harsh chemicals should be thought about carefully before proceeding. Alternative? Look at the expanding class of botanicals, designed to reduce man’s hair loss… however safely and without side effects, as posted by most of the pharmaceutical products.

Strategy #3: Hair Transplant Surgery. When nature fails you… when drugs fail to slow down the rate of a man’s hair loss, then you may want to look at hair transplant surgery. Think of it as “borrowing” your own hair… clumps of living healthy hair follicles… and then “planting” them on your crown or sides. No risk of rejection. You’re re-introducing growing follicles into the area that most needs hair. Think of proprietary botanical products such as Procerin… Hair Genesis…all natural nutrients which your body can absorb and then use to block the hormonal (testosterone) chemistry leading to follicular hair loss.

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