Managing Health Risks

How’s Your Health. You’ve interviewed plastic surgeons. You’ve called past patients. You’ve checked with the State medical licensing board to verify your surgeon’s credentials. Now’s time for a thorough health screening exam. Reason? Surgery is serious, and you want to minimize health risks.

Make sure to explain to your doctor any medications you’re taking… blood pressure, cholesterol, liver, kidney or others … plus get advice on limiting your use of over the counter meds such as aspirin or antihistamine enriched cold and flu medicines which can impact your surgery results.

You and your doctor need to spot any underlying disease symptoms, such as diabetes… liver disorder… infections, flu or cold… skin disorders… or whatever else emerges. Why? In order to assess any critical health factor, your brow lift surgeon needs to know your health. Think of it as a critical protection to yourself… plus a managing of liability by the doctor. Everyone wins by having detailed “baseline” health data.

Cosmetic Surgery Questions

Avoid Certain Medications And OTC Meds Pre-Surgery. Expect that your brow lift surgeon will advise you against using all but essential prescription drugs… such as blood pressure medication. Meanwhile, you’ll be instructed to avoid any use of tobacco, which impacts blood vessels and healing… also don’t use aspirin or antihistamines which can cause blood thinning and excessive bleeding during a surgery.

Anesthesia Administering And Potential Allergic Immune Reaction. Make sure that you have no allergic reaction to the specific class of anesthetic that will be used during your brow lift surgery. Your doctor can either consult your medical records or do a chemical response exam.

Surgery Risks. In any “invasive” cosmetic surgery operation involving incisions such as brow lift surgery, nose surgery, tummy tuck or other plastic surgery procedures… you run a health risk of infection. Additionally, related risks include bleeding… failure of skin tissues to heal properly… scarring… nerve damage and numbness that fails to go away…swelling…redness… or incompetence by the plastic surgeon resulting in mis-aligned tissues such as a breast augmentation, brow lift or face lift, requiring a second corrective surgery in order to repair the mis-alignment.

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