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Not Tonight, Honey--Wait 'til I'm a Size 6 -  by Susan Reinhardt

There are three chapters that deal with breast augmentation issues and some discussion about the author meeting women in the ImplantInfo chat room.  She was able to relate to so many women as part of her own experience.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery: A Complete Guide to Making the Right Decision--from A to DD -  by Robert M. Freund, MD

From a leading New York plastic surgeon--an honest, informative and sensitive guide for every woman considering cosmetic breast surgery.

BodySculpture: Plastic Surgery of the Body for Men & Women - Second Edition -  by Alan M. Engler, M.D.
A concise but thorough, sophisticated yet clear, description of the most sought after plastic surgery procedures performed invaluable resource....

The Best Breast> - John B. Tebbetts, M.D.  The Best Breast is the source of information for women considering breast augmentation - the most in-depth source of insider information ever written. Learn about your choices incision, pocket location, implants and recovery.

The Truth About Breast Implants   -  Randolph H. Guthrie, et al
A book focusing on breast implants, designed to clear up confusion and anxiety about them.  Contains actual case studies. Note: Dr. Guthrie favors over-the-muscle implants and his book reflects his views.

Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book - Susan M. Love, M.D.

A fully revised edition of the definitive guide to breast care reflects new developments in screening and diagnostic techniques, cancer treatment and research, genetics and diet,implants, hormone use, and many other topics. 100,000 first printing.














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