Creating Realistic Expectations And Patient Qualifying

What Surgeons Look For In Candidate-Patients. Cosmetic surgery…whether invasive such as a face lift or minimally invasive like laser dermabrasion… is serious stuff. It’s all about physical and psychological ‘balance’. You and your doctor need to be clear, and fully informed, on your underlying health state. Requirement? Make sure that you undergo a thorough health examination.

Make sure also that you list any and all current prescribed mediations you’re taking… don’t forget to include the over-the-counter meds as well.

Disclose whether you’re a smoker. Share candidly with your doctor details about your diet, fitness, past disease history, family health facts.

Psychological Factors. Yes, you want to look better… feel better and be even more attractive and appealing. However, needs and wants and beautification issues can combine in ways that distort reality… and set up surgery candidates for major let-downs based on un-deliverable expectations.

Cosmetic Surgery Questions

All competent plastic surgeons will acknowledge that body enhancement procedures are all about reducing certain bodily ‘flaws’ or abnormalities either triggered by family heredity, or aging, or accident and disease. You and your doctor should candidly set-forth your surgery goals… realistically what you can expect from surgery in terms of sustainable improvements. Understand that any signs of mental hysteria, phobias, or what a competent physician determines to be an unhealthy or imbalanced mental outlook will result in cancellation of any procedure.

Getting Informed. You’ve lived with your body. You know your body’s quirks. You’ve worked hard to stay healthy and be attractive. However, mother nature, lifestyle, unforeseen events can conspire to alter your looks. Sagging skin…deepening wrinkles… fatty deposits… age spots… lack of muscle tone… hair loss…and the list goes on. First step is to “get informed” as to your symptoms or body condition. Find out the possible causes. Do what you can do to reverse aging…consider diet and exercise plans… look into the ‘negative’ side effects of prescription meds… consider more closely your family genetics…do Internet research into symptoms and corrective procedures until you can acquire the sort of necessary information to support a decision to move into cosmetic enhancement surgery. Knowledge is key, both in understanding, planning, and then experiencing a successful cosmetic surgery procedure.

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