Steps To Choose The Best Cosmetic Surgeon

Selecting The Best Cosmetic Surgeon- Getting Results And Value For Your Money. Most cosmetic enhancement procedures are classed as “elective” surgery… typically cosmetic in nature rather than medically prescribed. Result? You’ll be paying the bills, so you want top value and top results at a fair price.

Phase 1: Advantages Of Online Research.

Your commitment? To balance these goals, you need to commit to doing some online research, in order to refine your general understanding of your needs and where individual or even combination surgeries may give you the best long term results.

Phase 2: Setting Up Surgeon Interviews. Next, commit to interviewing at least three plastic surgeons in your area… making sure that they specialize in a brow lift, face lift, tummy tuck or whatever surgical procedures you believe are generally appropriate. Go to each interview with a complete set of questions and issues. “What sort of results can I expect?... “will I experience a lot of discomfort?”....”Will my results hold for quite some time, or will I need repeat cosmetic filler procedures?”... “What health risks do I encounter?”... “What’s involved, technically, in the procedure?”... “Can you (the surgeon) provide me with detailed cost estimates?” You’ll think of more issues.

Cosmetic Surgery Questions

Importantly, let the doctor explain fully how his practice operates. Make sure you feel comfortable with the doctor, and that he exhibits sensitivity and understanding. Make sure to ask for patient referrals, as well as an estimate of total brow lift costs.

Phase 3:

Making Calls To Patient Referrals. Don’t skirt the job of reaching out to each surgeon’s patient referrals. Prepare some questions…ask them how it went…were the results worth it? much pain did they experience?...what about recovery and how they looked and felt?...and more. Ask questions, listen carefully so that all of this direct testimony helps you to form the right decision.

Phase 4: Get Costs And Submit To Insurance Review. Either during your surgeon interview… or after you’ve decided on a doctor… make sure to get a detailed cost quotation for all services related to your procedure. Make sure you understand “fixed costs” versus “variable costs” and how these add-up on your account. If you think that your procedure may qualify for health insurance coverage, then make sure to submit your doctor’s cost quote… along with the procedure codes… to your health insurance provider for their review.

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