Doing Background Checks On Surgeons

Checking Out Surgeons’ Qualifications. Surgery is serious stuff. Managing health risks, keeping control of costs and getting appearance results are the core goals to keep in mind. During your surgeon interview, ask your candidate about his or her educational background and training. What medical school did they attend? Where did they do intern training, at what hospital? What is their area of “core competency”… the sorts of cosmetic surgery procedures where they have the most training, the most experience?

Training And Education. Training, experience, age, educational merit, “bedside manner”, and more contribute to making a skilled and reliable plastic surgeon. You’re the customer. Your body is the subject vehicle, so you have the right…and the need… to demand full information and disclosure from your surgeon before proceeding. Which university medical school did she or he attend? Did she graduation in the top 10% of her class…or what?

Cosmetic Surgery Questions

Obtaining Board Certification. Individual state laws govern the practice and delivery of health services. Go online, place a search query such as “California (your state) state certification cosmetic surgeons” or go to an industry web site at for more access data on your state and particular surgeon.

Checking For Active Consumer Complaints Or Disciplinary Actions. Once you’ve located your state medical licensing board, it’s easy work to determine the professional standing of your surgeon candidate. Look for evidence of any current or past consumer complaints, or disciplinary actions.

Getting Surgery Rights At Surgery Centers And Hospitals. Don’t forget to check out the “business end” of your plan, namely where the surgery will be performed. Make sure that your surgeon identifies the hospital or surgery center where your cosmetic enhancement procedure will occur, in order for you to call and verify that your surgeon has “surgery privileges”.

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