Kiehl's Olive Oil Skin Care and Hair Care

Kiehl's skin care line has an advanced line of products for olive oil hair care and olive oil skin care. Containing the antioxidant rich qualities olive oil has to offer, these products are wonderful for their natural moisturizing capabilities and surprisingly nutritious for not only the health of your hair, but also your skin.

Since 1951, Kiehl's has been around, testing the waters of the newest ingredients for products to be used in their newest skin care lines. Making breakthroughs in the beauty industry is not only important for people's health in skin, but also for future beauty knowledge. They have a strong commitment to the health of the environment, making the impact of the company extremely positive for the earth. Their newest breakthrough is their olive oil skin care products. Creating all natural, organic, even biodegradable products is their goal, so they are benefiting not only the health of the human body but also the earth we live on.

Kiehls Face Care

Kiehl's olive oil skin care products include items from body washes to body scrubs to facial formulations. Besides skin care, Kiehl's also keeps their focus on hair care products as well. Products created by their team of beauty technicians for the face are so gentle, they create toners without the use of alcohol, cleansers that balance your skins PH level while gently removing dirt and oil, and moisturizers that contain broad spectrum UV-ray protection without the use of access oils. Kiehl's body wash is their first totally biodegradable formula that allows for gently cleansing without access use of perfumes. A one hundred percent recyclable bottle is also used to further develop the ideal of this product.

Kiehl's olive oil hair care includes an Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo. Containing lemon oil, avocado oil and olive fruit oil, this shampoo helps to noticeably reinforce hair from root to tip. Essential oils are used to stimulate the scalp, in turn stimulating each hair follicle, actually allowing for hair to grow while hydrating and reinforcing each strand of hair. In order to achieve the full olive oil hair care line of Kiehl's, there is a wonderfully created conditioner to partner with this shampoo called the Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Conditioner. And for olive oil hair treatments, there is an Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak for dehydrated, damaged hair.


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