Skin Rejuvenation Using Alpha Hydroxy Formulations

Topical skin rejuvenation based on alpha hydroxy removes surface skin layers, revealing a fresher and smoother surface. Learn about alpha hydroxy treatments strengths for professionally-applied chemical peels and home use gentler formulations.

Science Backed Alpha Hydroxy Performance Results

Getting Smoother Skin And Reducing Wrinkles. By now you realize that your skin is a complex…and changing chemistry that reflects your age…your diet… your family heredity… your exposure levels to sunlight… even signals whether you’re a smoker or not. The good news is that the recent thirty years of skin-chemistry research has produced knowledge breakthroughs into skin structure, skin health and more. Leading the topical skin treatment pack are strategies such as alpha hydroxyl acid formulations.

Alpha Hydroxy

Science has demonstrated that varying solution strengths of naturally occurring or synthesized alpha hydroxy formulations can strip-away the upper most skin tissue layers… where dead, dry or unresponsive cells lay.. replacing them with underlying fresher, moist and youthful appearing skin tissues.

Developing A Treatment Plan. Take the guesswork out of your skin rejuvenation plan by initially undertaking skin chemistry and sink health analysis under the supervision of professionally qualified dermatologists. Find out what sort of skin you have… what skin health issues you may be experiencing… learn about anti wrinkle strategies… reduce age spots and acne scars. Alpha hydroxyl solutions applied in conjunction with a facial chemical peel are carefully regulated in order to create the right solution strength… from 25% to around 50%... applied in 4 to 8 minute sessions on treatment areas such as your face, neck, hands and so on. Realistically

Key To Alpha Hydroxy Performance. Either naturally-occurring or synthesized alpha hydroxyl acids vary in effectiveness… based on solution strength. In other words, you’ll get virtually no response, no results from solutions under around 10% strength… whereas professionally-administered skin treatment procedures using up to 50% solution strength of alpha hydroxyl ‘delivers the goods’ in terms of creating more fresh skin appearance

Pick A Professional Skin Care Specialist To Guide You. Reducing wrinkles…creating a refreshed skin appearance… based on application of alpha hydroxyl acid formulations requires professional knowledge. What are the sorts of issues to be aware of? Treatment time, and its correlation to solution strength, requires considerable technical knowledge. An acid, after all, is chemically reacting …and effectively ‘eating’ its way through outer skin tissue layers, so care is necessary in order to ‘control’ impact and give you just the result you want, without health risks. Solution? Never consider doing ‘at-home’ do-it-yourself alpha hydroxyl treatments. Instead, hire a professional skin specialist, with a proven track record to guide and manage your treatment plan. Typical treatment plans will require repeat visits.

Costs. Most topical and cosmetic skin rejuvenation procedures are “elective” in nature, therefore require you to pay 100% of the treatment plan costs. Get a cost estimate up front, then ask whether any patient financing plans for installment payment are available for you. National average suggest that you might budget $200 per treatment session.


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