Nose Surgery For Re-Shaping And Enhancing Contour

Popular nose surgery offers proven safe means to re-contour your nose and appearance. Making your nose smaller, or larger, or re-orienting your nostrils or nose tip is all possible with modern rhinoplasty techniques.

The Benefits Of Nose Surgery

Benefit Of Improved Appearance. Nose surgery can’t re-create you or your personality…but it can definitely provide startling improvements to your appearance. With rhinoplasty surgery you can correct for an out-sized nose…removing discrete amounts of cartilage and tissue to create a nasal dimension more in proportion with your face. Similarly, under-sized noses can be subtly built-up via nose surgery procedures. Another correctable area includes straightening or dimensionally adjusting your nasal bridge…or even the tip of your nose and its current angle in relation to your upper lip.

Cosmetic Nose Surgery

Reconstructive And Aid To Breathing Benefit. Accidents… sports injuries…family heredity… sickness or any combination of factors may result in restricted nasal air passage ways. Rhinoplasty surgery offers a wide range of proven surgical techniques to reduce or even eliminate this issue. Result? You or your child gets an immediate, dramatic improvement in breathing ability. Life just got instantly better when breath is not restricted.

Qualifying Adults Versus Teenagers. Here’s the tip on timing for nose surgery. If you’re an adult, then “no worries… go ahead”. For kids or teenagers, wait until your child is somewhere between 14 to 18 years old, where their body has essentially matured, and where you don’t anticipate any late and sudden growth spurts that would render the need for a second rhinoplasty procedure. Understand that girls mature several years ahead of boys, so you can correct timing to that underlying gender difference.

Technical Synopsis Of Rhinoplasty: What Happens. With nose surgery, you’ll have several hours in the surgery theater. Based on your rhinoplasty surgery plan which you and your surgeon reviewed prior to surgery, your doctor will mark incision sites. Recall that nose surgery procedures can be conducted either along the external surfaces of your nose… or surgery can commence via incisions directed within the interior of your nostrils. In any event, the core concept of rhinoplasty surgery requires that your nasal skin be separated… revealing cartilage and bone… tissues and cartilage and perhaps bone are modified and re-shaped… sutures installed… splints and bandages applied…and then you’re off to the recovery room.


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