Cosmetic Nose Surgery Procedures Reviewed

Cosmetic nose surgery offers wide-ranging contouring options. Learn about qualifying for rhinoplasty surgery, selecting the best nose surgeon, health risks and more.

 Exploring Cosmetic Nose Surgery Options For Best Results

Focus: Nose Reduction. You’ve had a life of ‘feedback’ from your mirror… and now’s the time to make a subtle change, and improvement, in your appearance. Cosmetic nose surgery offers the solution. Rhinoplasty surgery techniques continue to evoke, and improve, so you can now have confidence that re-contouring will make a difference. A larger nose can be artfully reduced and re-contoured, by separating skin…carefully trimming cartilage and bone… re-shaping the tip and angle of your nose…re-aligning your nasal septum.

Cosmetic Nose Surgery

Focus: Nose Enlargement. Small noses due to your family heredity… misshapen noses… mal-proportioned noses…overly wide or asymmetric nose shapes can be built-up and modified during your cosmetic nose surgery operation. Grafted tissues as well as modified implants can provide a new structure or framework and modified dimensions for your nose. Result? Your appearance is instantly improved, and you feel better about yourself.

Selecting Top Rhinoplasty Surgeons. Cosmetic surgeons vary in training, experience, and in-office technologies. Your best strategy for locating a top rhinoplasty surgeon is to short list surgeons from within your local market to a top three candidates. Set-up one-on-one interviews, preferably at each surgeon’s office. Prepare questions and issues, listen carefully, take notes, and make sure to get patient referrals as well as a cost estimate from each candidate. How do they describe the surgery process? Are health risks clearly explained? Results and expectations? Recovery issues? Costs? Get answers, add in your feelings and intuitions, and then decide.

Creating A Cosmetic Surgery Plan Of Action. In leading practices, cosmetic nose surgery is driven by precise planning, enabled further by digital technologies such as digital photo-taking of your face, nose…followed by computer modeling of future outcomes or ‘looks’ than you and your surgeon can review, prior to deciding on the final surgery plan.

Cosmetic Nose Surgery Health Risks Summary. You already know that all surgery is serious. Results are not guaranteed. Some uncertainties and ‘unknowns’ can enter into the process. In the various forms of rhinoplasty, you face standard medical risks such as scarring… infection… failure by your tissues to heal… allergic negative reaction to anesthesia…technical and ‘artistic’ risks that your surgeon may make re-contouring mistakes that result in a mal-proportioned nose, which requires corrective surgery.

Costs. Surgeon’s fees, theater costs, anesthesia, recovery room and related factors comprise the ‘direct’ costs for cosmetic nose surgery. ‘Indirect’ costs include non-paid leave of absence, while you recover from surgery… while the swelling and bruising abate, so that you don’t feel embarrassed in public. National averages for rhinoplasty range in the $3,000 to $4,000 plus range, depending upon the complexity of your operation. Individual doctors may also offer you patient financing or time installment payment plans.


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