Reconstructive Nose Surgery To Correct Anatomy Flaws

Reconstructive nose surgery can correct for breathing and air passage way abnormalities. Learn about the rhinoplasty revision options, surgical procedures, patient health factors, costs and insurance factors and more.

Understanding The Reach Of Reconstructive Nose Surgery

Reconstructive Nose Surgery For Breathing or Deformities. For some people, difficulty in breathing relates to damaged air passage ways. Obstructions can develop over time. Sports injuries… accidents can result in breaks, bends and tissue damage. Correcting the problem usually requires thorough medical examination followed by rhinoplasty surgery. Abnormal cartilage growths… a crooked septum… tissue blockages all can be medically excised. Result? You get an instant burst of clean clear air for easier breathing.

Cosmetic Nose Surgery

Disclosing Your Medical History. Key to a successful reconstructive procedure is any and all information regarding your medical history, both personal and family-wide. Rhinoplasty revisions are invasive surgery, so your doctor needs to know what medications you presently take… whether you’ve had nose breaks or breathing symptoms associated with other disease factors. Ask for and expect to receive a through medical health screening prior to rhinoplasty surgery. Your surgeon will advise you on things to avoid… aspirin which can cause excess bleeding… anti-histamines associated with cold and flu meds… non-steroidal anti inflammatory meds… certain nutrients… avoiding any form of smoking which can impact your vascular system… regulating your use of blood pressure meds… and more.

Results Permanent And Event Of 2nd Surgery. Reconstructive rhinoplasty surgery is invasive, and is intended to be permanent in nature. However ‘stuff happens’… unplanned, unexpected complications can arise during your initial surgery…or during your post-surgery re-hab period. Result? You may require a second follow-in rhinoplasty procedure in order to make minor corrections, such as in alignment, or shaping, or removing or even adding tissue volumes due to settling.

Costs And Insurance Factors. Unlike purely cosmetic nose surgery, reconstructive rhinoplasty may fall within the coverage scope of your health insurance plan. In advance of surgery, get from your doctor a written estimate of surgery costs… also request the specific health insurance codes which identify all procedures. Submit these costs and codes to your insurance carrier for their advice. In the event that your coverage does not extend to reconstructive nose surgery, you should ask your doctor about patient financing plan, where you might make 6 to 36 month installment payments to cover your rhinoplasty surgery costs.



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