Lip Enhancement Surgery For Fuller Shapelier Lips

Cosmetic lip surgery can re-shape your lips into more sensually attractive and fuller appearance. Lip enhancement procedures include bio-compatible synthetic materials, animal and human donor tissues.

Getting The Benefits Of Lip Implant Surgery

Creating Improved Appearance. Lip enhancement procedures give you the means to carefully increase the fullness, or volume, of your lips… top and bottom… plus subtly alter and improve the shape of your lips.

Lip Enhancement and Fillers

Results Both Permanent And Temporary Based On Procedures. Each year over 25,000 women make the decision to “do something about their lips”. Lip augmentation procedures group around ‘organic’ or ‘synthetic’ implant materials. Naturally occurring bovine-cow collagen, fully sterilized and chemically inert, represents a major source of processed lip implant filler material. You can also create great results during a lip enhancement procedure based on injecting your own fat… fat which is ‘harvested’ from your own body so you won’t incur any tissue rejection or immune system reaction. Organic, human or bovine, sourced lip implant materials give semi-permanent results, however over time will be re-absorbed by your body. Result? You’ll need ‘touch-up’ procedures. Meanwhile, synthetic lip implants such as Gore Tex Softform can be combined with organics to achieve more permanent results.

Safe Proven Cosmetic Lip Enhancement Procedures. You want sensuous, even pouty lips, but you also want safety free of health risks. Here’s what can happen, in terms of your body’s response to a lip implant. Your immune system will immediately set of ‘probes’ of the site in order to determine whether ‘foreign cells’ represent a threat. Once these bio-chemical alarms are cleared up, then your body instinctively begins the process of supporting your lip site area, by sending additional collagen and fibroblast cells into the site. Result? Your new, more attractive lips get a support boost from your body… and your results hold even longer.

Creating Expectations And New Sensuous Lips. By the time you begin research leading to a commitment for lip enhancement surgery, you’ve had ample time to study and critique your lip shape. Stay balanced, however, and work with your cosmetic surgeon in order to plan… and deliver… the most balanced result. Many technology-enhanced plastic surgeons can offer you digital photos… PC or Mac based computer modeling of your appearance. Why would you do this? Answer is simple. You can ‘create’ a number of future looks or surgery outcomes… review each one based on your front and side profile… and then make the right … aesthetic judgment.


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