Lip Enhancement Surgery Guideline For Patients

Lip enhancement surgery offers choices in natural or synthetic implants. Learn about lip implant surgery procedures, how to select the right cosmetic surgeon, health risks and recovery factors.

What You Should Know About Lip Implant Surgery

Phase 1: Determining Your Wants And Needs. Lip enhancement surgery technologies continue to widen. There are now a wide range of medically safe FDA approved organic and synthetic compounds that qualify as lip implant material. Re-sizing and re-shaping your lips is now easier… and more controllable than it ever was. Getting even a 10% to 15% change in volume… plus putting greater ‘curve’ and emphasis into your lips will make a huge impact on how you and others perceive you.

Lip Enhancement and Fillers

Phase 2: Selecting The Right Surgeon. Face it. Cosmetic procedures such as lip implants are all about technique, training, experience…and no small degree artistic talent on the side of your surgeon. Where does this take you? Answer lies in the ‘process’ of interviewing and then selecting the best doctor for your needs. Here’s what you need to do. Get the general concept of lip augmentation clear in your mind. Next, create a short list of at least three licensed cosmetic surgeons in your area. Set up one-on-one interviews. Write down your thoughts, issues, and expectations. Get the doctors to ‘open up’ and describe in detail the sort of options you have… results they can create…the nature of the surgery… health risks… costs…and patient referrals. You need to actually reach out and call those past patients and find out how their lip implant surgery was performed… whether they’re satisfied with the results… were the fees reasonable and so on.

Phase 3: Making Sure You Qualify. You should undergo a health examination screening along with a basic psychological profiling test in order to determine whether you may have physiological or behavioral issues that might negatively impact your lip implant surgery. Make sure to tell you doctor of any prescription meds you’re taking… past illness history…plus avoid taking aspirins, cold meds or smoking prior to surgery.

Phase 4: Lip Surgery. Before your lip enhancement procedure begins you’ll receive local anesthetic. Purified cow or bovine collagen is used to create the purified hygienically safe injectable collagen filler which may be used in your procedure. You’ll need a prior skin test to see whether you may evidence an allergic reaction even to this sterile collagen filler. Alternatively, you and your doctor may have selected an approach calling for injecting human fat cells into your lip area. Another option may include the use of synthetic Softform, a proprietary GoreTex formulation, which can be injected or even a hollow tube placed within your lips, along with injectable fat or collagen. All around the treatment site, you’ll receive carefully determined injections. Result? Your lips will become shapelier… fuller… adjacent fine lines will be reduced.


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