Lip Enhancement Surgery Using Harvested Fat

Bio-compatible fat makes lip implant surgery safer and results easier to maintain. Learn about lip enhancement based on harvesting your own spare fat cells and then using them to create volume, sensuous, shapely lips.

Safe Body Fat Creates The Ideal Lip Enhancement Results

Getting The Right Lip Enhancement. After you and your doctor have reviewed your options, developed a lip surgery treatment plan, and after you’ve undertaken a qualifying health screening exam, you’re ready to enter the fine-planning stage where the exact shape and profile of your lips can be determined. Altering your lips’ current size and volume is a matter of millimeters… discrete volume changes that might add 10% to perhaps 20% volume to your lips. Results you want? Rounded, fuller, shapelier more youthful looking lips… plus reducing the thinning aged lip profile and wrinkles.

Lip Enhancement and Fillers

Bio-Safe Body Fat Provides The Solution. Face it. Lip implant surgery is all about choices for injecting potentially ‘foreign’ substances into your body… and then waiting to see ‘what happens’. For some people, tissue rejection or an adverse immune system reaction could rapidly escalate. One solution? Avoid immune rejection issues by using your own body’s tissues…in this case spare fatty deposits which can be easily harvested from your hips, legs, stomach or elsewhere. Fat ‘harvesting’ is done much like a liposuction procedure, where a hollow cannula needle extracts the fat which is temporarily stored.

The Fat Based Lip Enhancement Procedure. Your fat filler lip implant procedure requires tiny needle injections along the outside of each lip or wrinkle. Fat is injected at each location… varying in volume only to meet the exact dimensions of your lips and how much extra volume is required.

Bio-Safe Fat Filler And Semi-Permanent Results. Getting pouty sensuous lips is virtually guaranteed at the time of treatment. However, your body fat, used a lip implant material will naturally be re-absorbed by your body over time. Result? Your lip augmentation strategy will require ‘touch up’ follow-on visits perhaps as frequently as every 2 to 3 months.

Costs For Fat Filler Lip Implants. With any lip augmentation procedure, actual bottom line costs will reflect the complexity of the procedure, your choice of implant materials, surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, and so on. Plan on direct costs of between $1,200 to $2,000 for your treatment plan. Rare is the case where lip augmentation is covered by health insurance, so expect this ‘elective’ procedure to fall outside the coverage of your plan. However, you may still want the results… but cash is tight… so ask your doctor whether she or he offers patient financing plans. Or, you may qualify for 6 month to 36 month installment financing from the growing number of specialist financiers working collaboratively with the cosmetic surgery field.


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