Lip Enhancement With Natural Collagen Or Synthetics

Lip enhancement surgery offers choices between natural collagen and fat or synthetic materials. Learn how to make the right lip implant material choice, health risks, recovery, costs and more.

Lip Enhancement…When A Kiss Is More Than A Kiss

It’s All About Results And Consumer Choice. Improving the shape and curve and sensuousness of your lips is rapidly becoming an a la carte menu of consumer choices in lip enhancement surgery. Go ‘organic’ with naturally occurring collagen… produced by cows or bovine and by human donor…or select your own body fat cells for injecting into your lips. Alternatively, go ‘synthetic’ with a number of formulations which give longer lasting results…and which are chemically inert and bio-compatible such as proprietary Softform lip implant material designed by GoreTex.

Lip Enhancement and Fillers

How Long Your Results Will Hold. Because lip enhancement procedures add volume, surgically, to your lips, your body will immediately start a cascade of bio-chemical reactions. Some lip implant materials, even synthetics, can trigger your body to respond by ‘sending’ more collagen and fibroblast cells in to the site… Result? Your lip implant surgery gets ‘enhanced’ by your body follow-on response. Don’t expect your complex biology to limit to one response… a typical ‘balancing’ response by your body after lip surgery is to re-absorb injected collagen and fat over time. Result? You’ll need repeat ongoing treatments in order to hold results.

Health Risks And Recovery. Lip implant surgery poses a modest spectrum of health risks, generally benign in nature. Because needles and injectable solutions are being used, you run a small risk of infection. Similarly, some people present an allergic response to processed cow or even human collagen material. When an immune system reaction occurs, you’ll have no choice but to have the injected lip implant material surgically removed as soon as possible. A technical risk area relates to the quality and performance of your surgeon. If he or she inadvertently either over-injects or under-injects a section of your lips, then you’ll quickly see the lack of balance and symmetry, thus calling for a follow-on surgery to correct the mistake. In terms of general recovery implications, some redness and minor discomfort will occur but goes away in 24 hours.

Lip Surgery Costs And Patient Financing. Your costs relate to surgeon’s fees, in-office equipment or theater fees, anesthesia, plus the type and amount of lip implant filler you require. All of these details should be rendered in a pre-operative surgery plan and cost estimate which your doctor should provide you. Fees before the cost of fillers may be around $1300. Cost of fillers varies markedly, so you may have a further $600 to $1,000 in direct costs for fillers. Reducing aged, thin-profile lips with fuller, shapelier and more youthful lips generally requires a treatment plan that calls for follow-on procedures in later years. Bottom line costs are “cosmetic” and considered “elective surgery”, so you won’t likely attract coverage from your health care insurer. However, ask your doctor whether he or she offers installment payment or patient financing plans. For qualifying persons, you might get 6 month to 36 month financing terms.


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